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Alright! Your photos are ready. We’re proud to provide you with a beautiful online gallery for your photos which you could share directly with your clients. Now you’re ready to download your photos and get on the MLS to get your listing SOLD!


Just watch this video for a full explanation of how to pay online with your credit card and download your photos.

Prepaid Photos

If you have already paid for your photos, such as with check or cash, please follow these instructions:

1) Find the email I’ve sent you. The subject will contain the address of your listing, in most cases, and will look like this. Make sure to take note of the PIN number located at the bottom of the email.

2) Find the grey “View Photos” button at the bottom of the email. Click it.

3) A webpage will open. You can view all of your photos here. Clicking on the small photos will allow you to view them larger. You can also view the photos as a slideshow using this feature. Find the download icon under the large main photograph.

4) A new window opens. Enter your email address and the PIN number found in the original email.

5) Wait a moment as the server prepares your download. You will automatically be forwarded to the next screen.

6) Select the photo set you wish to download. This set may be named the address of your listing, or “highlights”. Then select the quality of the photos you wish to download. “Web size” is perfect for MLS and other internet use. “Hi Res” is better for print. Finally Select “Start Download”

8) You will be forwarded to the next screen. Click the name of the file you wish to download, and your download will begin automatically.

8b) Additionally you will be sent an email named “Your Photos for [listing address] are ready for download”. This email contains a link to the download. If you wish to send the photos to a third party, such as an assistant, forward them this email.

9) Your photos will be downloaded in a ZIP file. By default, they are typically saved into the “downloads” folder, though this may vary by machine. Drag this folder to your desktop to extract it, or click on it to open files individually.


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